Apple Will Soon Allow Other App Stores On iPhones In EU

The EU has forced Apple to allow other digital products onto its systems without Apple having control or taking a cut of the proceeds.

By LCLupus, Posted 14 Dec 2022

Apple has always famously had a “closed garden” approach to its products, with Apple itself controlling every piece of software that goes onto its hardware. However, thanks to some pushes by the EU, Apple will soon allow other applications to run on the iPhone without it needing to go through Apple’s proprietary App Store.

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This recent turn of events is all thanks to the European Union’s adoption of a new law called the Digital Markets Act, or DMA, and it aims to destabilize the monopolizing power of the Big Tech companies like Apple and Google. This law means that Apple has been forced to comply with this new EU regulation if it wants to be allowed to continue operating in EU regions, and as EU regions include all of Europe, it makes sense that it was willing to go along with this even if it is something it does not want.

This new law allows third-party software to be installed on Apple products and thereby bypass things like Apple’s control, policies, and the 30% commission that the App Store automatically takes from every purchase made on its system. This is a great move for those who want to have a more customizable experience on their iPhones without adhering to Apple’s demands and desires.

Apple itself has been publicly against this because it would allow security vulnerabilities onto its products. Or at least that is what it has argued, but Apple is also likely against this because this will also cut into its profits if bigger companies are able to move their products off the App Store and into their own digital storefronts. For instance, imagine a company like Disney having its own App Store for all Disney-related apps. It would no longer need to pay Apple to have its products on iPhones.

However, those in the United States should not get too excited about this news if they too want stronger customizability on their iPhones as this is only happening because the EU forced Apple’s hand. A similar law to the Digital Markets Act would have to be passed in all non-EU regions for the same benefits to apply.

Justin van Huyssteen (@LC_Lupus)
Senior Editor, NoobFeed

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