Chivalry 2 Roadmap for 2023

Torn Banner has posted planned updates for the medieval brawler.

By Fragnarok, Posted 07 Feb 2023

Torn Banner has posted directly to their official Chivalry 2 Reddit with update details for the entirety of 2023. This includes a new, already live, archer only mode called Volley. The long awaited feature of Cross-Platform parties will be released. There will also be a new version of the campaign battle pass with even more skins, weapons, armor. New types of weapons will also be part of the update, but there is no indication of what they will be or which class can wield them. Additionally, certain map frequency like Assault on Thayic Stronghold and Hippodrome will be reduced.

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Torn Banner came under scrutiny in 2022 when it rolled out the battle pass with little announcement. Long time players were mainly concerned that paid content was being prioritized before in-game bugs and matchmaking errors. Many fans were also upset that the pass was automatically purchased without a confirmation prompt, leading to some people attempting refunds via their respective platform. 

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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