Capcom Targets To Sell 10 Million Of Street Fighter 6 Copies

10M is quite a hefty number, but this is Street Fighter and Capcom we are talking about.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 05 May 2023

The world’s one of the most popular fighting simulation game, Street Fighter, is returning to shelves again with a new title. Street Fighter 6 will play like a semi-battle arena game, just like you’d find in an old open-world fighting game, where you progress through talking to people and getting stuff done for others. It might be something very much ordinary for the common players, but for a linear game like Street Fighter, it's much of a refresher compared to other titles in the series.

No doubt that Street Fighter 6 will bring some heat to the market, for both newcomers and veterans. What’s interesting though is Capcom’s COO, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, has high hopes for Street Fighter 6 in general. In a recent interview with one of the biggest gaming magazines in Japan, he stated if they can use their prior experience in the digital field, they can aim to reach the 10 million copies sold. Unfortunately, this number seems quite exquisite for a fighting game, because even the ever-so-loved fighting games weren’t able to sell that much. An example such as Tekken 3 on PSX could only sell for 8 million in its lifespan. And to give an example from Street Fighter itself, SF5 took 5 years to reach 10 million copies sold. Taking into consideration, aiming for 10 million copies sold, before even releasing the game, does sound like a move that will require some courage and bravery.

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Though Mr. Tsujimoto hasn’t given a deadline for reaching that amount, there are a few tricks Capcom has up their sleeve. Regular updates to Street Fighter 6 surely will be one of the ways to draw new players, however, there is an upcoming tournament just for Street Fighter titles called “Capcom Pro Tour”, with a 1 million dollars of prize money in the line. With enough interest in the tournament, it will immensely help boost the sales of Street Fighter 6 in the future. Of course Capcom needs to not forget polishing and optimizing Street Fighter 6 in the meanwhile if they are expecting it to reach high numbers of copies sold.

Street Fighter 6 is set to release on June 2, 2023 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S and PC.

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