Game Freak is Developing a New Samurai Game

The studio behind the Pokémon games is apparently working on an entirely new Samurai game.

By DShelley, Posted 10 May 2023

For many gamers, when you think Game Freak, you often associate the studio with developing the Pokémon games. However, it seems that they may be venturing into new waters. The Japanese developer will be teaming up with none other than Private Division, who is known for being the publisher for games such as Hades and The Outer Worlds. The head of Private Division, Michael Worosz said that they feel honored to be Game Freak's first western collaborator.

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As mentioned earlier, oftentimes when you think Game Freak, you will most likely think of Pokemon, but the developer has developed a lot more than the monster collecting game series. The studio began as a magazine company back in April 1986, but would eventually become a game studio. The studio has also been the developer for multiple Nintendo titles such as Mario & Wario, Yoshi's Island and most famously, the Pokémon franchise. However, the studio does have a few original titles under their belt such as Little Town Hero and Card Jockey: Ride On, and it would seem that the studio will be adding another title to their roster.

Their new project, which we currently only know as "Project Bloom" is an action-adventure game and according to the company's director, Kota Furushima will be a far different game than what fans of the developer are used to. The project itself has been described as "bold" and far different than anything the studio has developed before. As for their decision to choose Private Division as the publisher for "Project Bloom", the decision was made very early on as Furushima said that the studio was quite impressed by the publisher's international expertise, as well as their excellent track record with previous releases.

However, despite how excited the developer is about their upcoming title, there is not much currently known about the project. Besides from the game's initial announcement, the only other piece of information we have to go on, is an image of concept art that was shared by both Private Division and Game Freak themselves. The image shows a lone Samurai figure standing in shallow water surrounded by tall trees that tower above them.

As the game is still very much in early development, we sadly do not know when or what the game will release on. As the saying goes - "good things come to those who wait" and it seems that fans of the developer will have something truly great in store for them.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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