Bethesda Releases A New Map Pack For The Doom Re-Release

If your game is still getting official content despite being more than 25 years old, you have done something right.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 13 May 2023

Doom games for the PC are no doubt one of the best-selling games of all time, passing the literal operating system’s sales that computers used to run on. When that’s the case, you can expect its lasting effects, even in 2023. A few years ago, series co-creator John Romero released an official fifth episode for Doom II called Sigil. It still remains unknown whether Sigil is going to be one of the official episodes or not in the future.

After Bethesda acquired id Software a few years ago, they have been implementing their own system of DRM to keep the classics safe, but this usually backfires as players tend to get confused and ask it to be completely removed for games that made their childhood better. A recent example was when Doom 64 was ported over PC and Bethesda had to use their own launcher called Launcher. It wasn’t mandatory to use it, but Bethesda was advertising excessively to compete with other game developers’ own launch programs.

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Seems like Bethesda have decided to apologize to their fans by adding a .wad pack (in Doom terms, maps) to the game. This has been chosen by Bethesda themselves to add more replay value to Doom and Doom II, and this megawad is now considered an official addon. The megawad is called Base Ganymede, and it includes 27 maps, a handful of secrets, and exciting new gameplay. Compared to the previous episodes, Base Ganymede is very close to what Romero and Carmack created almost 30 years ago. This map addon was created back in 2009, it is quite old, but it won a few awards in the community for its good level design and enjoyable progression through levels.

Base Ganymede for Doom and Doom II is currently available for free with the re-release of Doom and Doom II at If you do not have a account, you can whip your old copy of Doom out and download the megawad from Moddb as well.

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