Tarisland Officially Announced For PC and Mobile

Embark on an epic adventure with a new sandbox MMORPG in Tarisland later this year, but we’ll get a closed beta before that.

By R3GR3T, Posted 16 May 2023

Entering the MMORPG genre is a new up and coming contender, Tarisland. Just from the announcement video alone, it’s clear the game has a lot of potential to shine and take a top spot in the genre with its diverse biomes, and rich culture. However, it’ll also feature a fan favorite aspect for any game, fully customizable classes.

Tarisland is built in a universe where three primordial gods were mysteriously linked to the beginning and end of planets, and everything was peaceful between them until life was created on the planet Taris. This caused a triangular conflict between the three gods, with Acheron leading the charge to destroy Taris. The threat from Acheron will need to be stopped, or Taris will meet its end sooner rather than later.

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You’ll soon see that Tarisland has a massive world to explore with several unique biomes, and each one housing its own civilizations, races and cultures, giving you a wide and diverse land to experience. It doesn’t stop there though, Taris only becomes more enthralling with its 10 different game modes, giving you nearly endless options and paths to discover the world at hand.

Tarisland will feature 9 different classes to choose from, all of which are fully customizable to give you a lot more creative freedom to tailor the experience to your needs and playstyle. With two specializations and over 40 talents to choose from, each class keeps expanding as you go deeper into them. To sweeten the deal and in typical MMORPG fashion, you’ll also have access to gear sets and attribute points to further build your hero to your exact tastes, so you can build that absolute monster that will crush everything or something more balanced.

Where Tarisland will takes on even more intrigue is with a varying number of costume sets and mounts to choose from, though normally, these cosmetic changes would mean that the game is paid to look good or something similar. Not in Tarisland, the developers of this epic MMORPG are striving to keep their game fair and have absolutely no pay-to-win features. Attribute enhancing items will need to be found or traded between players. The same can be said for in-game resources, which will help create a healthy economy. While the aim is to keep the game fair, only time will tell if the in-game economy will be fair.

The same concept of fairness also comes into play with teamwork and progression, where you’ll need to work with your teammates to get past certain hurdles. It looks like Tarisland has some really big ideas on the table and will encourage you to keep coming back since it will also have cross-platform progression between Mobile and PC, you won’t need to be bogged down at a desk or limited to a mobile device to explore Taris.

Tarisland will start Closed-Beta testing in China in June 2023, though there is currently no confirmed exact release date set yet. Regardless, we’ll most likely get more news as time draws closer to the Beta and rumored release date.

Jay Claassen
Editor, NoobFeed

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