Pearl Abyss Will Showcase Crimson Desert During The Summer Game Fest

Crimson Desert is finally approaching its release date as Pearl Abyss is finalizing its development phases.

By Rayan, Posted 19 May 2023

In less than a month, numerous new titles will be unveiled during one of the year's most important gaming events, the Summer Game Fest. E3 2023, the annual gaming convention, has been postponed indefinitely. The helm has been taken by Summer Game Fest, which will showcase the best independent, AA, and AAA games to come out in the future. The Summer Game Fest will feature various developers and publishers. Nonetheless, the news that Pearl Abyss attending the Fest on June 8 has RPG fans the most psyched. Particularly for those looking forward to Crimson Desert, a forthcoming open-world, single-player action-adventure game inspired by The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It is very much likely that Crimson Desert will have new gameplay revealed this June 8th as Pearl Abyss is participating at the Summer Game Fest, and Crimson Desert is the main game the studio is currently working on apart from Plan 8 and DokeV. It has also been confirmed that the team is starting its marketing, including the gameplay demos and new trailers. Crimson Desert is the next step for Pearl Abyss and their first step in the single-player world. Crimson Desert gives away its origins as a Black Desert sequel. Black Desert is an MMORPG, but the developers have said that they've pivoted early in development to instead give this new game an original storyline set in its own separate world that single-player fans will genuinely enjoy.

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The gameplay will likewise depart from its predecessor with every player-driven gameplay and story. The devs have said they wanted to try something new based on the same technology that they had. They wanted to challenge themselves to create something better or something different and something unique but still something that all the players globally could enjoy. The next reveal will showcase to the players the game, what has changed, and of course, a bit about its narratives.

The release date of Crimson Desert has been pushed back several times already. Still, the developers have been hard at crafting a rich non-active world full of unique environments, creatures, villages, stories, and more. They have also spent much effort perfecting a complex AI with many strategies. When hit by a regular assault or a special kill, for instance, enemies would drop their weapons and either charge the player unarmed or retreat to pick up a new weapon at random and resume the fight. However, they won't be as proficient in combat and may even feel more threatened by switching to a new weapon.

Pearl Abyss ran into various issues with updating the game engine from 2020 to 2022 owing to Covid 19, which delayed the update by around a week. The development team has been concentrating on fixing bugs, updating the game engine, and adding a dynamic weather system with seasons so that every area seems alive and the NPCs have their own personality. They also said that Summer Game Fest is in talks to be a part of the marketing campaign for Crimson Desert, which will feature fresh gameplay footage and trailers. No major announcement was made on the release date, but it was speculated that the game could launch in Q1 of 2024.

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