Supposed Xbox Showcase Leak Shows Scalebound Revival

Fan excitement has been set ablaze over a supposed Scalebound revival that will be shown off at the upcoming Xbox showcase.

By DShelley, Posted 21 May 2023

There has been a supposed leak circulating around the internet, and it shows off the games that will be showcased in an upcoming Xbox event that is set to take place on 11 June 2023, at 10am PT. According to this supposed leak, there may be a few surprises in store, including the revival of an old game series.

Due to the cancellation of 2023's E3 event, many developers and publishers have started taking matters into their own hands and have begun hosting their own E3-esque showcase events. The two most anticipated one's being the upcoming PlayStation event, which will be held on 24 May 2023, and the Xbox showcase event which as stated earlier will be taking place in June. Another major showcase event will be the Ubisoft Forward event, which will be taking place a day after Xbox's event on 12 June 2023. Alongside all these, there is of course the Summer Game Fest, meaning there will certainly be a lot in store for gamers this year.

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However, with every new gaming event comes announcements, trailers and of course the inevitable "leaks". As mentioned, across multiple articles, with every new leak that gets announced, you should take them with a grain of salt, or two. This year round seems no different, as a new supposed "leak" has surfaced online and claims to show off the entire lineup for the upcoming Xbox showcase.

The list includes a large number of titles such as: Avowed, Starfield, Fable, State of Decay 3, Hollow Knight Silksong, Overdose, Everwild, Quake, Hellblade 2, Scalebound, Contraband, Killer Instinct, Wolfenstein 3, Forza Motorsport, Midnight, Fallout: New Vegas 2, Halo "Tatanka," Halo 3 Anniversary, and of course the Cyberpunk 2077 DLC. Such a list, while rather impressive, should be taken with a rather copious amount of salt.

Despite how incredibly unlikely this supposed leak is, many have taken the apparent lineup list at face value. This sheer amount of fanfare has even caused Scalebound to trend online. As much as there are fans that are excited, there are many that have pointed out numerous red flags that prove that the list is most likely fake, one such red flag being Starfield, which has been confirmed that it will be shown at its own event.

Another red flag is the fact that Hollow Knight Silksong is misspelled and the developers have stated that the development is delayed and is claimed as being a timed exclusive. Scalebound will also apparently be a shadow drop. There are also numerous errors such as Forza Motorsport, which is confirmed as being developed by Turn10, is listed as being developed by Playground Games.

While it is incredibly unlikely that anything of what was listed on the supposed "leak" will turn out to be true. It does at least show that there is still interest in Scalebound and perhaps this will be enough for an official Scalebound revival to enter into development. Until confirmation, who knows.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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