Players of Pokemon Go Aren't Too Happy About The Update to Postcards

Longtime players of Pokemon Go Aren't pleased about the focus on Postcards

By DShelley, Posted 22 May 2023

It seems that the latest Pokémon Go update has upset quite a few players, especially with Niantic's decision to offer a new upgrade that is focused on postcards. The company is known for frequently updating the Pokémon catching game, these updates often provide players with a slew of new activities, events and of course, a new array of creatures to capture. However, the most recent update has left a lot to be desired.

For those of you who are not familiar with postcards, these play a central part of Pokémon Go's social aspect, as postcards are often time given to friends as gifts. You acquire postcards by interacting with various PokéStops that are dotted around your map, these are added to your inventory and can be sent to a friend. A postcard will also contain a picture of the PokéStop you got it from. In December of 2021, Niantic added the Postcard Book to Pokémon Go, this was a way for players to collect postcards and keep them as keepsakes from all the PokéStops that they had visited or as a way to keep all the ones gifted to them from friends.

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These postcards were meant as nothing more than keepsakes and provided no in-game advantages, and were mainly just used as a way to show off where you had traveled. However, in the most recent update to the game, a new option for the in-game shop was introduced. This new option would allow players to increase the total amount of postcards they could save by 50. This costs around 100 PokeCoins, or roughly $0.99 if you don't use the in-game currency. You can also earn PokeCoins by sending your Pokémon to defend gyms.

Despite not adding anything major to the game, this new feature has caused outrage amongst players, many who deem the postcard storage expansion to be completely worthless as players would much rather spend 100 PokeCoins on something that is actually useful, like Pokéballs or egg incubators. Many took to social media to mock Niantic's decision to focus on Postcards rather than implementing the highly anticipated feature of increasing the total amount of eggs a player can carry.

However, the increased postcard storage isn't the only thing coming to Pokémon Go. Niantic has also announced the Rising Shadow event. This event will begin on 22 May 2023, and will allow players to face off in new Team Rocket Shadow Raids. These new raids will let players fight against a powerful shadow boss Pokémon that they will need to purify. Along with Team Rocket Shadow Raids, Master Balls will also be added to Pokémon Go, offering players a 100% guaranteed catch rate.

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