Cities: Skylines Celebrates Legacy With Final Expansion Hotels and Retreats

The final expansion for Cities: Skylines launched alongside the last Content Creator Packs and Radio Stations earlier today.

By Elysian, Posted 23 May 2023

Hotels and Retreats, the final expansion for the beloved simulation game, was released today alongside Industrial Evolution, Railroads of Japan, and Brooklyn and Queensland Content Creator Packs.

Developed by Colossal Order, Cities: Skylines was published in 2015 by Paradox Interactive, and has been extremely popular with fans of city builders. In March, Paradox announced that the game’s sequel, Cities: Skylines II, would be released in Summer 2023.

Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order, said: “Looking back on the incredible journey of Cities: Skylines, it’s clear to see that it has become more than just a game. It's a community of passionate and creative individuals who have built intricate and magnificent cities with their own unique visions.

“Hotels and Retreats is the last expansion for Cities: Skylines and celebrates its legacy by introducing ways for players to express their creativity.”

The Hotels and Retreats expansion brings multiple new elements to the game, including:

Hotel Buildings: The new expansion will add hostels, cabins, hotels, and luxurious resorts for a range of budgets.

Hotel Management: Players start with one-star hotels and unlock new options as their business and popularity grows.

Tourism Buildings: New structures, including parks, restaurants, playgrounds, and cafès will be added.

Location: The expansion added five new maps including three European-inspired maps, one tropical map, and one temperate map. Different locations will attract different types of tourists.

Cities Skylines, Expansion, Final Expansion, Content Creator Packs, Hotels and Retreats, City Builder

As well as the expansion, three new content creator packs made by members of the community have been released.

Industrial Evolution: From Community Creator Samantha “Avanya” Woods this pack includes 70 new growable buildings that span different eras of industrial building styles, from red brick walls to modern, sleek industrial complexes.     

Railroads of Japan: From Content Creator Ryuichi Kaminogi, this pack adds authentic Japanese railroad scenery to Cities: Skylines including stations, trains, buses.    

Brooklyn & Queens: From Content Creator Prosper, this pack adds a set of medium-rise high-density residential buildings and props inspired by the neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens. The pack includes over 60 growable buildings and props, including rental signs, window air conditioners, exhaust fans, and stairways.

Cities Skylines, Expansion, Final Expansion, Content Creator Packs, Hotels and Retreats, City Builder

Two new radio stations have also been released: Piano Tunes Radio and 90’s Pop Radio. Each new station adds 16 songs and approximately an hour of new music.

All of the new content is available now on Steam, Epic, Microsoft Store, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Colossal Order has confirmed the new expansion will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in Summer 2023.

Megan Cooke (@mcooke_journo)
Editor, NoobFeed

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