Chrono Odyssey Classes and Combat Mechanism Revealed

Chrono Odyssey will have a thrilling gameplay experience that demands unpredictability and control.

By Rayan, Posted 24 May 2023

South Korean developer NPIXEL has released the Chrono Odyssey gameplay reveal trailer showcasing all the character classes in action for us to enjoy and leaving us to wonder what classes are in the game. Though we didn't have to wait long to find out, as following the trailer on a PlayStation blog Samuel CEO the producer of Chrono Studio, NPIXEL, posted additional information regarding combat mechanisms and what the classes are.

Regarding combat mechanisms, Samuel stated that it is a thrilling experience that demands unpredictability and control. Master the basics of attack defense, dodge, and switch seamlessly between multiple weapons in real time to gain the upper hand in battle. So all of the classes shown in the gameplay have more than one weapon at their disposal that they can swap between at any time or whatever the situation calls for that you're engaged in. Also, the additional depth and mechanics of the gameplay from the get-go will keep things a little more interesting right off the bat and more engaging.

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Samuel states that these gameplay mechanics have six distinct classes - Swordsman, Ranger, Sorcerer, Aladdin, Berserker, and Assassin. As we embark on an epic journey, we make our mark with character customization options like gender and appearance. This is important because it immediately eliminates people's concerns and worries from the gameplay trailer that the classes would be gender locked. The producer has stated that we'll be able to select our gender for our classes, which we don't have to worry about. That usually is very common with Eastern titles that the Western audience does not like. More importantly, based on the footage from the trailer, these six classes and the potential weapon fighting styles they have at their disposal are likely to make the gameplay more engaging.

The Swordsman looks to be a diverse combatant wielding your typical sword and board bruiser fighter playstyle that is going to be able to trade blows, parry, block, dodge, and all the ordinary things; it will probably be a default tank character for you to play. And we'll also be able to swap between swords that will hopefully deal lots of AOE damage, while there is also the possibility of an agile dual sword. At the same time, the Assassins will be the typical quick, agile fighter wildling dual daggers trying to carve up the enemies quickly, throwing in some material arts kicks. But there is a bit of a twist as they seem to be able to swap into a rifle for some ranged action later on.

Chrono Odyssey, Classes, Female Protagonist, Combat Mechanism, Gameplay, NoobFeed

The Berserkers seem like they are going to be our standard rage. They take two axes, hack away all the foes, and carve them. They will also be able to transition into a great axe that seems to deal massive AOE damage and upheave the ground beneath for significant cleaving hits. Sorcerers are the classic magic user freezing and blowing thighs up with the supreme power. In the gameplay footage, we saw a book levitating in front of the character as they're casting spells and using a nice touch, which you don't see used often enough in MMOs for Caster classes.

It also looked like there was potentially a healing spec for Sorcerer as during the large raid fight, it seems like one of the mages and light holy magic being cast on the ground around them potentially uncertain, but that would make sense if there's no true dedicated healer that the Caster would be one of the potential off-spec healing classes. I think the Rangers got the short end of the stick when it came to the gameplay reveal trailer. There didn't seem to be much exciting gameplay for them, mostly basic attack animations and one charged shot following an evasive sliding maneuver away from the mobs.

Chrono Odyssey, Classes, Female Protagonist, Combat Mechanism, Gameplay, NoobFeed

So it looks like they're going to wield a bow. Maybe they're going to have companions and pets. Paladins are the Holy Avengers coming in with an array of gameplay and magic. They wield a flail and shield and then transition into a magic spear attack. So there might be some melee gameplay with magical offensive spells. Later, we saw Paladins welding a two-handed spear and imbuing it with magical light energy. Paladin may also potentially be another class that has healing potential. It would make sense for Paladins, which would give us two classes with the possibility of healing abilities.

There's hardly any doubt that Chrono Odyssey is among the top upcoming MMORPG Games of 2023 & 2024. While the release date of Chrono Odyssey had been anticipated for 2022 when it was first announced, there had been no official word on when Chrono Odyssey will be released. However, rumors have it set for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC sometime in 2024.

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