Nintendo Reveals New Roster of Retro Games Coming to Switch

Nintendo is about to deliver some quality titles in the upcoming weeks. Don’t miss them!

By AtillaTuran, Posted 06 Jun 2023

Nintendo, who still cares about their old games, have revealed the new retro games to be added to their online shop this month. Games are included from classic consoles such as Gameboy Color, NES and SNES. Meanwhile these games aren’t that common for the new generation of gamers, they are going to help new players to know about the past. There are four games in the batch and each one is different from another.

Harvest Moon, which is basically one of the first farming sims on the market, now hits Switch with a nice, spring breeze. Considered as one of the fathers of the farming sim genre, players can dive deep into the story of making their own farm, corporation, and establishing great relationships with the townsfolk. Despite releasing through the end of Super Nintendo life, around 1997, Harvest Moon caught good reviews.

Blaster Master: Enemy Below is a both vehicle and on-foot shooter, released for Gameboy Color in 2000. Jason, who is an adventurer, uses his vehicle Sophia to find new places to discover, and during his discoveries he comes across bad guys often. So it is up to you to find the suitable escape for him out of troubles.

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Mystery Tower, also known as Tower of Babel, is about an archeologist finding treasure in searches while trying to avoid curses. Mystery Tower was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System- or Famicom in the West- in 1986. Still holds up as one of the stable platformer games for the console.

Kirby’s Tilt and Ride is one of the rare games to use Game Boy’s nifty addon that utilized the tilt controls. Developers at Nintendo were able to convert the same mechanics in Kirby’s Tilt Ride from Game Boy Color to Switch, allowing you to use Nintendo Switch’s tilt controls in a nearly 20 year old game. That’s quite extraordinary!

Harvest Moon, Blaster Master: Enemy Below, Mystery Tower and Kirby’s Tilt Ride are available on Nintendo Switch through Nintendo eshop.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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