Licensed Seagate Hard Drives Are Being Made For Starfield

Bethesda's upcoming RPG, Starfield, will be getting its own officially licensed Seagate Hard Drives.

By DShelley, Posted 13 Jun 2023

Since the Xbox Showcase that was held on 11 June 2023, we are getting plenty of new information about Bethesda's upcoming space-faring RPG, Starfield, with one of the most recent discoveries about the game being that the game will be receiving its own officially licensed Seagate Hard Drives. This is the latest addition to Bethesda's already extensive merchandise line for the sci-fi title.

For those of you who don't know, Seagate is one of best hard drive makers in the business, with their high speed and equally high reliability, it's no wonder why their hard drives are so highly coveted by gamers. Seagate also happens to be the manufacturer of the Xbox Series' expansion cards, the console that Starfield will be releasing on. There is a major drawback to these expansion cards, and that is their price. These cards come at incredibly high price and because of this, players tend to use Seagate hard drives which are a much more reasonably priced.

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Bethesda is obviously very well aware of this and as such, has now given players a chance to get a special Starfield themed hard drive. The Starfield-themed external Xbox game drive manufactured by Seagate is white and features the circular Starfield logo. The hard drive will also be embossed with both the Xbox and Seagate logo as well as other details along the side of it. To complete the sci-fi look of the hard drive, it will also feature RGB lighting on its side as an added cherry on top.

Currently the Starfield hard drive is available on Best Buy's website and comes in two capacities, that being 2TB and 5TB respectively. The hard drive will be around $109 to $169, depending on what capacity you choose. Starfield is quite a hefty game with one of the game's requirements being an SSD-type drive for the PC version of the game, on top of this, the game will also come with an install size of over 100GB. It is yet to be confirmed if players will be able to format the Starfield hard drive to be NTFS, which is the preferred hard drive format for Windows machines. From what we know, the hard drive is meant to work with the Xbox console so it is likely that it will be in the exFAT format for Xbox systems.

Starfield is certainly turning into a beast of a game, not just in size but in terms of hype and anticipation for Bethesda's next RPG. In other news, it is confirmed that Starfield will be one of many titles that will release on day one on Xbox Gamepass. Starfield will release on 6 September 2023 for both PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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