Microsoft Plans to Keep Arkane Studios Alive Even After the Redfall Fiasco

Xbox Games lead is happy with Arkane Studio’s work and says he will keep supporting them.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 19 Jun 2023

As we all know, Redfall’s start was a rough one and it is still being patched up to get it back to a healthy state. With major problems built-in into the game, this rather seems like a hefty task, but the developer Arkane Austin is keeping their focus on Redfall. After all the negativity and notorious start, we would have expected Microsoft to pull the plug. By the looks of it, both Microsoft and Xbox Games Studios have faith in both the developers and the game.

They haven’t had a huge decision on whether Redfall bites the dust or will be hooked up on life support yet, but for now, Redfall is staying in the game. In fact, the game gets actually supported by both in-house studios of Xbox and the head of Xbox Games, Mark Booty. Xbox head had an interview with a popular magazine about the future of Microsoft on gaming and the overall standing point of Xbox. When the question of Redfall was forwarded, Booty had positive statements about Redfall, stating Arkane will stay open. “They are hard at work on updates and continued content for Redfall.”

The vampire shooter does definitely have some potential in it with its art style and different approach to the topic. Sadly, with a pitiful landing, players just expected to see Arkane’s vanishment after not being able to deliver the expectations made by both Microsoft and Xbox. Mark Booty further stated that he was also at fault for the downfall of the Redfall, not being able to think of the future of the project and giving a huge task to developers who only worked on single-player games before.

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According to Booty, the current state of Redfall isn’t doing bad, on the contrary, he is happy to see Redfall being actively sought after by players. Although the player numbers are very low on the PC platform, Xbox might be still thriving with players. Mike Booty hasn’t shared exact numbers in the interview, but they are aware of the presence of the community behind it. In order to thank the community, the first ever major update for the Redfall was released a few days ago.

Redfall might have had a terrible, terrible start but both Arkane and Xbox both want to turn the tables around. They just need some time to get the bits sorted, little by little. We still wonder what sort of a state Redfall would be in a few months' time, and of course, time will tell.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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