The Latest Update For Horizon Forbidden West Adds A Tribute to Lance Reddick

Horizon Forbidden West has added a touching tribute to the late actor, Lance Reddick in its latest update.

By DShelley, Posted 23 Jun 2023

Lance Reddick was a phenomenal actor, who has played many roles throughout his extensive career. While he is probably most well-known for his roles in the John Wick movie franchise, many players may know him for his role as Sylens in Guerrilla Games' Horizon series. To honor the role he had in the games, Guerrilla has added a way for players to pay tribute to the late actor in the most recent update for Horizon Forbidden West.

The character that Lance Reddick played, Sylens, was a strange and enigmatic character who had a deep fascination with technology of the Old Ones, a long lost civilization who were the creators of the giant machines we see roaming around in the world of the Horizon games. Sylens was a character that was both cunning and caring while serving as a vital ally for Alloy, the protagonist of both Horizon games, and aided her in trying to discover more of the Old Ones along with the history of their strange world.

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Sadly, Lance Reddick passed away on 17 March 2023, which was just one month before the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West was set to release. This is deeply unfortunate as Sylens would play a vital role in the DLC's story. Despite his rather brief appearance, he is the one that warns Alloy of the dangers she will encounter on her journey.

In the latest update for Horizon Forbidden West, update 1.26, the developers added a touching tribute to the late actor. Alloy will be able to travel to one of the islands included in the Burning Shores DLC, where she will find a holographic light which rises from the floor, with the name of Lance Reddick shining above the spot where the light came from. Players can find this memorial on the same island where Alloy first meets the character Seyka. However, if you're having a hard time finding the memorial, you may want to revisit the island at night as it will be easier to see.

This touching tribute has earned Guerrilla Games much praise from fans of both the Horizon games as well as fans of Lance himself. Many have shared their favorite moments between Alloy and Sylens online as well as sharing screenshots of visiting the in-game memorial. This clearly shows the love that players have for the game and all those who contributed to it.

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