All Classes Get Buffed In a Recent Diablo IV Update

In a recent update released by Blizzard for Diablo IV, numerous changes and improvements have been made to the game, including its five classes.

By DShelley, Posted 29 Jun 2023

Diablo IV has been receiving frequent updates that keep making the game better and better, and the most recent update, patch 1.0.3, has added some much-needed changes and improvements to the dungeon crawling RPG, including buffing the game's 5 classes. These changes were made in response to player feedback, and Blizzard hopes that the changes made will help players make builds that feel more flexible and powerful.

It's safe to say that the release of Diablo IV has been a huge success for Blizzard, especially that when the game first released on 6 June 2023, it was released to mostly positive reviews. Many fans and critics praised the game heavily for its storytelling, world design, as well as its combat which many felt improved upon the combat seen in Diablo III. This doesn't mean that the game hasn't received its fair share of criticisms, such as the use of procedurally generated dungeons, which made exploration feel uninteresting and visually repetitive.

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However, probably the biggest criticism that the game received was its live-service model, which many felt was greedy and exploitative. While it was not as bad as the model seen in Diablo: Immortal, it definitely left a bad taste in many longtime players' mouths. Aside from the procedurally generated dungeons and greedy live-service model, another major part of Diablo IV that fans felt needed more work was with Basic Skills. Players have been saying since the game's release that these skills didn't feel impactful enough and needed to be rebalanced. It would seem that Blizzard has taken this feedback to heart and has reworked each classes' Basic Skills to make them much more powerful than they were on release.

It should be noted that Blizzard has clarified that while changes have been made to these abilities, this would not alter the relationship between Basic Skills and Core Skills on a fundamental level. While we're on the topic of Core Skills, those too have received a significant buff, and has made them even more powerful. These changes will make each class deal more damage as the base damage of these skills has been increased.

For example, the Barbarian's Bounding Slam skill went from 75% to 112%, the Druid's Hurricane and Lacerate increased from 97.5% to 134% on both abilities. The Necromancer also receives a boost, with their Bone Spikes going from 80% to 120%, The Rogue's Volley ability sees its base damage increased from 70% to 105%, as well as Heartseeker's primary damage increased from 30% to 75%. Last but not least, the Sorcerer Lightning Spear's maximum damage gets an increase from 100% to 160%.

These class boosts will definitely be appreciated by fans, especially those who felt that their Basic Skills lacked power. While these changes were very much needed, they are only one part of the numerous changes made in patch 1.0.3, which also improved dungeons and events. All these details on patch 1.0.3 and more can be found on the Diablo IV website.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
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