Call of Duty: Warzone Gets an Intriguing Way To Countermeasure the Cheaters

To analyze the cheater behavior on Call of Duty: Warzone, Team Ricochet is employing a peculiar strategy.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 30 Jun 2023

The cheater problem in any online game is getting out of control. Since some people get enjoyment out of cheats and abuse them all the time. Even when the developers take measures in that regard, they always find another way to disturb the legit players. While the usual technique to get rid of cheaters is to find any odd behaviors they employ during a match, filter it, or take an actual human to review their footage.

Most of the time the built-in anti-cheat programs do work in games, but there are times when cheats can slip past the prevention with ease. One such case happens to be in Call of Duty’s battle royale game, Warzone. Activision comes across both reports and cheaters being active on their game. While the reports are almost verified, they needed to work the path a cheater takes with their actions.

Certain amounts of Call of Duty developers under Team Ricochet have developed a fake cheat that makes people regret cheating in the first place. Their previous versions had different effects like not being able to move or attacking teammates. Their new update brought something they call Hallucinations, which is an effect on cheaters once their cheating software gets detected.

As the name suggests, Hallucination is a countermeasure that pops another player into the frame. It confuses the cheating software and cannot aim for the legit players, or at least make them spaz out between them. This way a cheater can be detected just by looking at their movement.

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Activision’s decision to bring Hallucinations to the game is not an odd choice. While they can straight up ban the people who got caught cheating, their main goal is to take notes and review the general behavior of a cheater. With that, they are expecting to learn more about what they can improve to get ahead of cheaters and potentially not allow them to be included in the game anymore. Our guess is, it will also allow the game’s own engine not to handle such cases while operating a cheater’s inputs right away.

Overall, there is no place for cheaters to exist within regular online lobbies. It does not have to be on Call of Duty or any other multiplayer game in existence. As long as there is positive progress in dealing with cheaters, it is right to assume that we are getting close to clean matches.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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