Battlebit Remastered Developers Plan to Take Heavy Measures After Getting DDoS Attacks

Battlebit Remastered is one of the games that has rapidly grown out of nowhere, unfortunately it was targeted by a group to take its reputation down.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 03 Jul 2023

Nowadays, a blocky military shooter on Steam is making a lot of buzz. Called Battlebit Remastered, it has everything that a team or solo FPS player needs. With its Battlefield online-esque playstyle, Battlebit is certainly the people’s choice when it comes to living the nostalgia of massive online shooters. We are saying massive, because Battlebit can support 254 people in a match, creating a sense of an actual battlefield.

Low spec requirement, very solid gameplay, massive online, lots of vehicles, huge weapon selection and more flavor to everything, Battlebit Remastered has everything to offer for an online shooter. Unfortunately, it also offered DDOS attacks and the rise of cheaters too. Thankfully, the developers are aware of the outside factors that are making their beloved title look worse and are currently working to improve Battlebit Remastered to being better than it was before.

DDoS attacks were blatantly made by some group of people who despised the popularity of the title. Developers SgtOkiDoki have stated that the DDoS attacks were executed because of an open flaw on their firewall security and they closely followed the attacks in order to analyze them. At the end, they have completely taken care of it and playing Battlebit Remastered should be safe. In further statement, they forwarded that they did not want to cause any panic to their player base, so they avoided mentioning the server attacks and tried to slowly eradicate the problem. If you have experienced a long wait time or heavy lag during your gameplay, now you know the reason why it happened.

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For the cheaters on the other hand, developers first brought an anti-cheat software used by a massive esports league called FaceIt, but they were deemed to be a bit sketchy. Usually the reason being the fact that the anti-cheat software needs to be downloaded and set up to your PC’s storage in order to be played. It seems like they have ditched that option for establishing a team of people who can deal with cheaters instead, which is a better solution in the long-run.

Developers SgtOkiDoki are not only planning to get rid of pesky issues that appear time to time, they are also planning to add more features to their well-crafted multiplayer game to draw more players in. These include new maps, vehicles, classes and game modes for people to enjoy. Battlebit Remastered has a very solid future for itself and we can clearly see this with the commitment of the developers.

Right now Battlebit Remastered is one of the cheapest online games that has the most positive ratings for it. If you are a military shooter fan, or looking to have a nice experience with online games, or maybe even make friends, Battlebit is surely going to make your money and time worth to the its fullest.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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General Information

Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): SgtOkiDoki
Developer(s): SgtOkiDoki, The Liquid Horse, Vilaskis
Genres: First-Person Shooter
Themes: Military Shooter, Multiplayer Shooter
Release Date: 2023-06-15

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