Cliffhanger Games, EA's New Studios Has Announced A Black Panther Game

Not to be confused with the other Black Panther game currently being in the works, this title is entirely different.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 10 Jul 2023

Marvel’s new addition to the superhero roster was expanded when Black Panther landed on the white screen. As usual, we started a high emergence of extensive media coverage of Black Panther later on as well. While EA is currently working on different titles, they have announced a new Black Panther game in the works by one of their newly-created studios called Cliffhanger Games, located in Seattle, Washington.

When it comes to the details of the new title, EA hasn’t spoiled anything about it except the theme, which is going to be a third-person, action-adventure video game with the known cast of Black Panther. The development is led by Kevin Stephens, the creator of The Shadow of the Mordor’s latest installment. That title was highly praised for its detailed and smooth combat mechanics and luckily we can anticipate the same way of combat in the new Black Panther game too. The evidence of Cliffhanger Game’s Black Panther is going to be drawing some attention is completely tied to its development team as well, which is mostly the people who worked for important titles such as God of War, Call of Duty, and as we mentioned, Shadow of Mordor.

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Kevin Stephens stated that the game is currently in the very early stage of development. In fact, so early that nobody in The Cliffhanger can provide an in-game or rendered screenshot at all. Stephen also further stated their interest in focusing on a Black Panther title by talking about how Wakanda is a perfect sandbox environment for creating new stories and how rich missions can be employed in the city’s settings. After all, The Middle-Earth: Shadow of the Mordor’s director is involved in the project, so it is highly likely that we will see a reactive world in Wakanda.

EA is currently developing a few new titles for the upcoming holiday season and the next year, so that means they are quite busy. Fortunately, the work is split between EA’s different sub-studios. After getting a deal with Marvel, EA was tasked to create action-packed games for Marvel. The first one was revealed to be an Iron Man game, being made by the Motive Studios, which is currently tasked with the Dead Space Remaster.

We are still not sure when to expect the Cliffhanger’s Black Panther game to be on the shelves. With the usual pace of these titles coming out, our assumption is that it might release in late 2024 or early 2025. And for the consoles, it is easy to assume that it will be released for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. One thing to always note is that the game has no release date and it is in the very early stages of development, therefore it is best to wait for an official word from EA themselves before hyping up for the release.

Atilla Turan
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