Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaker Accused of Blackmailing Rockstar Staff

GTA IV leaks caused a lot of damage to Rockstar and new information about the leaker is getting revealed after the trials.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 17 Jul 2023

Last September, Rockstar Games were hit with sudden leaks of their mostly anticipated title, Grand Theft Auto. While this game was in development for a very long time, Rockstar did not want to reveal any news about it due to privacy and other classified reasons. As people grew tired and impatient with no signs of the next Grand Theft Auto game, for almost ten years, it was expected that someone would eventually grow tired of no information about it. Out of nowhere, a hacker by the name of Arion Kurtaj penetrated the servers of Rockstar and leaked highly-important details about GTA VI to the general public. 

These massive leaks included screenshots, characters, gameplay videos, and trial segments of the new engine. As anyone would guess, Rockstar was not happy about the matter and in a short amount of time, the leaker was located in the UK. Kurtaj did not only target Rockstar in his past way of causing havoc. The whole incident happened after they hacked the popular transportation app Uber. After blackmailing Rockstar, they also tried their luck on the UK’s biggest phone operator BT. Focusing on Rockstar, during the court trials, it was revealed that they messaged all the Rockstar staff through a direct messaging app called Slack and blackmailed them in change for money and other goods. Seems like the whole Rockstar staff did not care for the messages as Kurtaj ended up leaking vital information about the Grand Theft Auto 6 anyway.

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Kurtaj is currently charged with excessive amounts of crimes, such as blackmailing, fraud, and as expected, Misuse of Computers Act. Although people expect them to be charged with these cases, the doctors have confirmed that his psychological status is not fit for trial and it is ultimately in the hands of judges to choose whether he is actually guilty of committing these acts or their health status caused them to go on a massive spree of misbehavior.

As for Grand Theft Auto 6, we still do not know when Rockstar will deliver the much-needed information about the title. So far we had the leaks and rumors of the game being set in Vice City, the Miami set in Rockstar’s universe, with a couple being involved in major heists. It was stated that the Rockstar was mostly drawn inspirations from Bonnie and Clyde from the early 1930s and it ended up being true, according to the leaks. Still, the leaks might have driven Rockstar away from the decision of releasing the game in the works and even restart the development process all over again. We are still not sure when we should expect Grand Theft Auto 6, and by the looks of it, we won’t be getting any news from it either with the recent leaks caused by the hacker.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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