Tencent Buys the Majority Stake of Dying Light Developer Techland

Tencent, the major Chinese shareholder, has now acquired majority of the stakes of the Polish game developer Techland.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 24 Jul 2023

In the ever-so-growing gaming market, there is one big company that eventually gets its presence onto the game developers, and that is of course Tencent. The China-based company keeps a high stack of shares or totally outright owns a few of the gaming companies. Examples include such as Riot Games, Epic, Supercell, and TurtleRock Studios. Today, another big game company has taken its place in Tencent’s ownership and that is Dying Light’s developer studio, Techland. Although there is not an exact percentage shown, it is stated that Tencent now owns the “majority” of the Techland Studio.

Despite the takeover from Tencent, Polish development company Techland will take full control of its own IPs and actions and keep operating from Poland. Pawel Marchewka, who is the CEO of Techland revealed the big news today on their website with a blog post, stating that they are happy to fuse with Tencent. He also further stated that their minds are alike, therefore developing new titles and making the already existing games of a better quality is inevitable.

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Tencent has been very active recently with their market shares and wants to have at least a little bit of ground on every massive game developer. Though it seems that they are always interested in games, in China, they also have shares in the automotive, entertainment, and also gaming industry as well. Most of their interest in China’s domestic gaming market is usually the gacha or mobile games, after all, nowadays the mobile gaming market is as big as console and PC gaming.

As we stated earlier, Techland will continue to operate regularly in-house with the same developers and same crew. Last year they revealed that a new action RPG with open-world elements was in the works. Considering the Dying Light series was hugely successful, it is reasonable that the new title they are working on will be able to deliver the same quality. Now that Tencent is here to help, Techland may just be able to develop their working title faster and more efficiently.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed 

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