Changes Are Already Being Made To "Lies of P"

Despite release being around the corner, the developers of Lies of P have made some last-minute changes.

By DShelley, Posted 18 Sep 2023

A lot of developers like to add new content in their games at the last minute, but these usually tend to be the usual bug fix or maybe some finishing touches to give their game that last bit of polish. Now, most of these developers cut it close, usually making these additions a month or two before release, but it would seem the Lies of P developers, Neowiz Games and Round8 have broken the record, controversially adding Denuvo DRM just before the game's release. To give you an idea, Lies of P already had mods available.

For those of you who haven't been in the loop about the Lies of P development, the game is an action RPG with a heavy focus on morals and choices as well as its difficult combat which has earned it the "souls-like" title from fans. As you could guess, Lies of P is a loose adaptation of Carlo Collodi's The Adventures of Pinocchio, though unlike the story, the game's world is infested with mechanical puppets, heck the whole world itself seems to be partly machine. 

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Now, this sounds like a phenomenal concept, dark fairytale inspired story, morality system, grueling combat system, what could go wrong. Denuvo, that's what. Denuvo is a very popular anti-piracy that is utilized by many game developers and studios to stop their games from being pirated, which is great for developers not for players. Sadly, one of the biggest issues with Denuvo is the severe impact it has on games' performance, causing increased loading times, frame drops and numerous other issues on the player's side. Denuvo is often mentioned with bitterness by many gamers, which is probably why the Lies of P developers only added Denuvo a few days before the game's release and didn't tell anyone.

Well, it's too early to see how Denuvo is affecting the game's performance, it will most likely not keep the developers in the players good graces, considering their lack of clarity. The issue isn't with the developers trying to stop piracy, it's more the utilization of software that is well known for causing performance issues and not being clear about it.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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