The Next Four Invasion Seasons For Mortal Kombat 1 Have Been Leaked

The next four seasons of Mortal Kombat 1's hybrid RPG/Board Game, Invasion Mode, have been leaked

By DShelley, Posted 03 Oct 2023

NetherRealms’ iconic Mortal Kombat 1 is a fresh new alternate timeline of the gruesome Mortal Kombat games, the game brought a lot of new and old mechanics including online multiplayer, classic Arcade tower and the brand-new Invasion Mode. Sadly, it would seem that the next four seasons of said mode have been leaked, including what characters players will have to fight against and what areas they will face off in.

The storyline for the Mortal Kombat games is already quite confusing, but for simplicity’s sake, Invasion Mode is set in its own storyline. The intention behind Invasion Mode was for the developers to add new seasons every 6 weeks, each one of these seasons would be centered around one of Mortal Kombat 1's playable characters. The first season, as you would expect, would be centered around Mortal Kombat's unofficial angry yellow mascot, Scorpion. This season would have players face off against the original Hanzo Hanashi incarnation of the iconic character, instead of the one we play as during Mortal Kombat 1's other modes. The Hanzo Hanashi version of Scorpion is in search of a different reality where his wife wasn't brutally murdered at the hand of his once beloved allies.

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If you think that sounds intense, according to a reliable leaker and data miner, known as Interloko, Invasion Mode is just the beginning. Interloko was successfully able to get the names and the central characters that will feature in the next four seasons of Invasion Mode. The names were shared by Twitter user thetiny, who listed the names as follows; Nitara, who was infamously voiced by Megan Fox, Thunder, which will focus on Raiden, the former god of Thunder; Hybrid, which will focus on Mileena; and Cyromancer, which could focus on Scorpion’s legendary rival, Sub-Zero.

While this is all currently speculation, other Twitter users seemed excited and tried to press thetiny for more information about the characters and what else could be coming with the Invasion Mode seasons and whether character progression would carry over from season to season. thetiny responded by saying that most currency except for Koins and character XP will be reset with each season, essentially leaving each character a blank slate. We also got a clue as to who or what will be the final boss of each season. According to thetiny, it is very likely that they will be corrupted versions of the main roster from alternative timelines.

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