EA Sports FC Can't Quite Compete Against FIFA legacy

After a successful launch, EA Sports FC is experiencing a notable drop in sales after dropping the FIFA title.

By DShelley, Posted 04 Oct 2023

When a game has established such a prominent legacy, to the point that it is well known by even the most casual of gamers, it isn't the best idea to drop the iconic name associated with said legacy. EA seems to be feeling the repercussions after losing the FIFA license, as EA Sports FC 24 is seeing a significant 30% decrease in physical sales of the game when compared to its predecessor - FIFA 23.

For those of you who are confused by the name change, last year it was confirmed that FIFA 23 would be the last game released using the iconic FIFA moniker, the reason behind this was because the game was the official end to the deal that EA had with the International Soccer Association, which allowed EA to develop and release games using the FIFA name. FIFA 23 was a huge success and many believe that it is well on its way to being the most successful game in the series, this very much seems to be true as EA Sports FC is struggling to keep up with the standard set by the game that came before it.

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That's not to say EA Sports FC is performing poorly, quite the opposite, the game is struggling with regards to physical sales. This was reported on by Christopher Dring of GameIndustry.biz, who shared his findings on Twitter. In his report, he shared that physical copy sales of EA Sports FC was down by 30% when compared to its predecessor FIFA 23. Dring also acknowledged that most likely EA had anticipated this drop in sales. However, considering how significant this drop is, this is most likely a great point of concern for the publisher who relies heavily on their sports titles.

While the disappearance of the FIFA moniker is the most probable cause for the sales drop, it isn't the only factor at play. Many disgruntled gamers have review bombed the game, which has also dropped the game's overall score across multiple platforms. Things aren't all doom and gloom as Dring also reported that the game is actually faring quite well on the Nintendo Switch and has surpassed FIFA 23 sales. This is probably due to the lack of anything new to the series, which many players felt has been sitting stagnant for years. Hopefully, with the drop in sales, EA will start looking for ways to innovate the series, aside from adding even more microtransactions.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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