Valve is Keeping Counter-Strike 2 Very Tidy with Updates After Updates

The latest patch of Counter-Strike 2 has fixed crucial gameplay bugs and changed a few things after players’ requests.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 10 Oct 2023

The sudden change from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Counter-Strike 2 shocked many. Although the change seemed seamless, people still miss Global Offensive and promise not to forget its legacy. Now that the CS2 is in the focus, Valve needs to take care of a few pesky bugs that appear here and there during the gameplay. We should not forget that player feedback is constant with a game with 1 million players on average, so there are going to be a lot of changes on that front as well.

While Team Fortress 2 players were experiencing their annual Halloween Update yesterday, Valve was also preparing a new update for Counter-Strike 2 that aimed at getting rid of bugs and implementing player feedback onto the game. One of the peculiar notes in the gameplay fixes was the hitboxes being corrected while crouching. Now this might not be that important but for a game that relies on precise aiming, hitboxes are very important to keep track of and not let them behave on their own. The problem was not directly pointed out in the patch notes, but it allegedly fixed the alignment of hitboxes.

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Along with gameplay changes, Valve actually changed a few graphical optimizations and knife-spinning speed. As you all know, the economy of the Counter-Strike 2 is quite enormous and there are quite a lot of people who paid huge amounts of money to see their virtual knives to be in glory. Seeing them spinning slowly during the inspection animation bothered anyone who owned a special knife. Due to heavy requests, Valve made the spin animation with the same speed as it was in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Other changes include finally being able to see your friends during matches, adding moving parts to weapons while shooting, changes to Mirage, Vertigo, and Nuke, and memory leaks with particles. These are only minor issues though, there will be updates for Counter-Strike 2 in the upcoming updates as there is still feedback coming through. One of them is the notorious matchmaking problem that has been bugging people since the launch. Source 2, the engine that Counter-Strike 2 is built upon, is still being worked on and being modified to give out the best performance, so if you find any bug or something to report, do not hesitate to send it over to Valve.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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