Nintendo Switch Accounts Will Not Be Obsolete When Switch 2 Comes Out

Nintendo of America representative, Doug Bowser, gave a little bit of a hint about the upcoming Switch 2 by talking about their plans with the Nintendo Accounts in the future.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 23 Oct 2023

Nintendo has very strict rules when it comes to adapting to a new game or a console. Everything has to be perfect, calculated, and planned, that’s why they have been forcefully removing known titles and not giving rest to their player base in terms of letting them do what they want. Back when Wii was the hot console on the market, people created accounts just to surf the web or download new games from the Wii Shop. But when it came to using Wii U, people had to create fresh accounts.

The same happened with Wii U to Switch too, people were just creating new accounts that would eventually not be useful in the next generation. With the speculation of Nintendo Switch 2 coming out next year or so, we were expecting the same sort of scenario. Seems like Nintendo had enough of this decision and in a recent interview with Doug Bowser, the president of Nintendo America, revealed that it is the case.

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In the interview, Bowser talked about a new unity system for the accounts. Previous iterations would steer people into making new accounts per machine, but they had to change this rule, so in future generations of Nintendo consoles, people will seamlessly add their Nintendo Account to the new machines if so desire. This of course raises some questions and speculations, mainly about Switch 2 because changing accounts between two regular Nintendo Switches is really common and wouldn’t require the new decision we are talking about so far. So, in some regard, Bowser did potentially talk about the new console and how they are going to implement the usage of a universal account, jumping from the old- Switch- to the new Switch 2.

Other console brands, Sony and Microsoft, never employed that model as they keep jumping generations. Someone with a PS3 PSN account can sign into PS5 with ease, and the same with Xbox Live accounts between generations. It is very odd that this business model of Nintendo lasted for a very long while and Nintendo just realized how Nintendo Account would have fixed such a hassle for most right away. Still, with this information, we might just confirm the actual existence of Switch 2 and how Nintendo is working on the console to make it accessible with the previous Switch owners.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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