SEGA Executive Would Love Sonic to Surpass Mario

The old tale between SEGA and Nintendo’s mascots continues to this day.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 06 Nov 2023

As old as a fairy tale, the rivalry between Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario still continues today. Although on the Nintendo side, Mario tends to forget the blue hedgehog’s existence, things are the opposite on the SEGA side. In fact, in a recent interview with SEGA’s executive Osamu Ohashi, they forwarded their opinions about one of the biggest franchises that the company owns.

Since the popularity of Mario grew over time and became a worldwide phenomenon, we can see Mario-related merch everywhere, let it be a dish at a restaurant or even a Mario-themed amusement park in Japan. When we come to think of it, Sonic the Hedgehog never had this sort of treatment from their company due to a lack of interest by people and Nintendo’s extreme popularity in the entertainment field. In the interview, Osamu Ohashi states they had this rivalry for quite a while and he would love to see an emergence of Sonic in the same way Mario did.

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Although this rivalry could be understood as a friendly drag race, with bold words, Ohashi mentioned that he would want to surpass Mario. His reasoning is the fact that Sega respects Mario altogether and is happy with its universal popularity. However, he would really want people to be interested in Sonic, just like how people are attending the movies of Mario and waiting for the next game to be released.

It sounds good and all, since Sonic the Hedgehog used to be as popular as Mario back in the day, but SEGA has a lot of ground to cover if they really want to have an even ground with Mario. As their titles from the past 2000s have varying degrees of mixed reviews, SEGA needs to take care of their business model of how to handle their games first. Not to mention they accepted the first design of Sonic in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, I am still glad we did not get the first version.

We are still glad to receive some games about Sonic from time to time, the recent game of Sonic, Sonic Superstars had positive feedback, and SEGA is now planning to release a new game by the name of Sonic Dream Team, which is going to be exclusive to Apple Arcade platform.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
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