Rockstar Dropping GTA 6 Trailer On 5th December

After the announcement, people started counting down the days before the next installment of Grand Theft Auto’s trailer drops.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 01 Dec 2023

Rockstar has changed after the public announcement that the next installment of Grand Theft Auto is in the works and is expected to drop a trailer in early December. The news came from Rockstar’s Newswire, it was mainly about the 25th anniversary of Rockstar Games, but they also threw a bone at people who were waiting for the next game. We already knew the next title was in the works after a notorious hacker leaked videos and images from the developers.

Rockstar is known for their subtle ways of showcasing new games that are upcoming. In 2006, during a conference, a Rockstar employee had a tattoo that was the Roman numerals for four, and in 2012, Rockstar simply posted “GTA V” on Twitter to announce that the next game was in the works. It must have been pretty, though, to be unable to do that this time due to leaks, and people sort of know what to expect. The 25th-anniversary post was charming to read, and at least we knew despite the bad outcome, they’d still try to bring the next Grand Theft Auto game to market as soon as possible.

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No subtle showcase this time though, as Rockstar posted a simple image that revealed the exact time when the trailer will be up for people to watch. Although it might be a very tiny detail, the background design in the announcement is quite noticeable and confirms some of the alleged information about the game. The first thing to inspect is the palm trees, which are known to be popular around the southern parts of the US, and the color scheme leads to one of the previous titles in the series. It is bright as day that the next installment will take us to the Vice City, to create havoc and maybe remember some stuff from the past.

The trailer will drop on the 5th of December, in approximately four days. You know how time flows very slowly when you have to get to a deadline? This is exactly how it is going to go, these four days will take more than four days to finish. Still, we will be getting the trailer when the day arrives. Just a quick little note, the game’s title hasn’t been openly shared. One thing people do not take into account is the fact that Rockstar does not advertise the next game as Grand Theft Auto VI, instead they always refer to it as the “next installment”, so it is going to be a surprise to see whether they decide to use numerals or name something entirely different.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
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