Life by You Canceled by Paradox Interactive

Life by You's development meets its dead-end just before the final launch.

By SnowWhite, Posted 18 Jun 2024

Paradox Interactive has been a renowned name in the video game industry for their remarkable real-time strategy games like Cities: Skylines, Europa Universalis, and Crusader Kings series. While the announcement of Life by You was made at the Paradox Announcement Show 2023, life simulations enthusiasts were delighted about a new game in the genre and a possible rival to The Sims. But to break the hearts of so many followers, Life by You, the much-anticipated life simulation game has been canceled by Paradox Interactive before its public release. Due to numerous setbacks, the game was eventually abandoned, despite having an Early Access launch on June 4th.

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The cancellation of Life by You has seriously dipped my optimism for a game that could finally compete with the upcoming The Sims 5. But it's no longer being carried out anymore. The game has been around for quite some time, but what took place behind the scenes is a mystery to us all. Paradox did postpone Early Access on multiple occasions. Just when we were about to launch into Early Access, they announced an extended delay and, after that, Paradox seemed to completely disappear. Then whatever happened, Life by You is now officially canceled, and Paradox Interactive has, of course, announced the cancellation news on their official website. They published an official announcement, along with our sincere apologies and appreciation to our dedicated community. Indeed, this was a formidable rival to EA, but alas, it disappeared.

The Deputy CEO of Paradox Interactive, Mattias Lilja, has expressed her disappointment over the decision, recognizing that it is a failure to achieve the objectives of both the developers and the community respectively. Despite the team's best intentions, Mattias Lilja stated they realized that more time spent developing the game would not result in it reaching their desired standard. Life by You was supposed to provide a new perspective on the life simulation genre, therefore the fact that it was canceled comes as a shock to a lot of enthusiasts who were looking forward to its release with great anticipation.

Paradox is currently investigating what went wrong in the hopes that they can identify and address future causes of this kind of problem. Paradox's decision shows that they care about quality and are open to learning from their failures to make future developments better. The response of the gaming community to this announcement has been divided. While some members of the community have expressed their understanding of the difficulties that are associated with game production, others have expressed their disappointment at the sudden conclusion of a title that held a lot of promise.

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