Save Big with ShinyLoot's First Summer Sale

Starting today, ShinyLoot's Summer sale discounts loads of indie games.

By XboxBetty, Posted 30 May 2014

ShinyLoot is a digital game store that officially launched in August of 2013, offering users DRM- free games, Desura and Steam keys. With a focus on indie games, ShinyLoot provides a system that matches their customers' interests to lesser known games.

ShinyLoot is an indie-focused, digital game store blended with a discovery engine. The store uses a trait-based filter system with a ton of options for PC, Mac, and Linux games to help match users to games that best fit their interests. All titles are guaranteed to either be DRM-free or require a one time key validation, and there is no separate client required. Additionally, ShinyLoot believes in a fair marketplace and offers all titles worldwide without any regional pricing.

This year marks the first summer sale for the distributor, and today is day one of ShinyLoot's "101 Days of Summer Daily Deals". Quite the lengthy sale, new deals will be made available each day through September 7.

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Up to twelve games will be marked down each night at midnight CST, with even more sales happening on the weekends. ShinyLoot's library includes over 550 titles, therefore, some games will pop up more than once during the sale, assuring that customers won't miss out on many great titles.

Each game that is available through the sale will always have a set price "around or below previous lows," and already you can see just how cheap these games will be available for. Day one of the sale includes Alan Wake for $6.00, The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief for $6.25, Grotesque Tactics for $2.00 and a handful of other games with up to an 80% markdown. Get in on the action, and start saving with ShinyLoot's  "101 Days of Summer Daily Deals".

Megan Bethke (@XboxBetty), NoobFeed

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