Avast Warns About Harmful World Cup Game Apps On Google Play

Witness the World Cup with Avast filtering fake game apps on Google Play for you.

By Daavpuke, Posted 03 Jun 2014

Antivirus software Avast has taken to Google Play’s gaming section in preparation of the Brazil World Cup that has football fans anxious right now. To protect consumers, the company sent out a press release that lists some dubious game applications, as well as blocking outright malicious software.

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In the latter kind, the worst kind, Avast states that their downloads for Corner Kick World Cup 2014 and Free Kick Champion both resulted in white screens loaded with advertisements. Both applications also had a tiny install size, less than 1Mb, indicating the absence of any significant content. These apps were both listed by company VinoSports, which had several other products on Google Play that reacted in the same way. Therefore, Avast has taken the action to block the advertising apps and label them as Android:FakeViSport.

Furthermore, it notes some listings to be in a “grey zone” of content, which points to programs that aren’t directly malicious, but do switch their promised content with something much less desirable. In this instance, it notes Fifa 2014 Free – World Cup and Football World Cup 14 from developer Top Game Kingdom. In the latter example, the game even installs with “com.topgame.widereceiverfree” as the file name, indicating an issue with its content. More problematic, however, is that these apps also demand the retrieval of personal data, such as location, call log, and other accounts on the phone. All games from Top Game Kingdom react the same way.

Avast,Apps,Google Play,World Cup,Virus

To prevent this, Avast warns consumers to carefully choose what they will download. Make sure you only download from known app markets. There, check what company is offering the products and double check exactly what permissions it asks. If any of it sounds like a bad deal, it probably is. There are plenty of renown developers to get games from, so there’s no need to delve into shady territory.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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