More Phantom Dust Information in Coming 2015

No Phantom Dust Information Coming to GamesCom or TGS

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Aug 2014

Those hoping to hear more about Phantom Dust this year will sadly be disappointed. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, stated that Phantom Dust won’t be appearing at the ongoing Gamescom conference this year. Spencer also noted that the arena shooter will not appear at September’s Tokyo Game Show. Right now it’s likely that we won’t see any information regarding Phantom Dust until 2015.

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Phantom dust was a 2004 action strategy game developed and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox. The card-based-action-strategy game focused on collecting skills and completing missions to discover why Earth is in the condition it is in. Players would construct decks of cards called arsenals and use them to battle other players. It was at E3 2014 that Microsoft announced that the cult hit would be returning on Xbox One. Currently no release date or gameplay footage exists, only one cinematic trailer.

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