Giveaway Time - Snag Yourself a Copy of Influent

Win a retail copy of Influent, courtesy of developer Three Flip Studios.

By RON, Posted 31 Aug 2014

The excitement that is a giveaway. It's like the joy of the holiday season, minus the excessive spending, and this gift's for you. This time around, thanks to developer Three Flip Studios, NoobFeed has 20 retail copies of Influent to give away to our fans.

Yes, you read that correctly. Twenty retail copies of Influent. The days of *gasp* getting off the couch to go to the store and buy a game may be over, but seriously, who doesn't like a good physical copy of a game that they can hold, smell and add to their collection?

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If you don't know much about Influent here's a nice description straight from the game's website:

Influent is a video game aimed at inspiring people around the world to pick up a new language by making vocabulary acquisition and proper pronunciation a fun and rewarding experience. Players explore an interactive 3D environment filled with hundreds of selectable, collectible objects scattered throughout. Each object has a name, and sometimes even a description or action word attached, allowing players to assemble Nouns, Adjectives, and Verbs into custom vocab lists that can be practiced and mastered, eventually unlocking the Toy Commanderesque Space Vole Laser-Blast Fly-By Time Attack Bananapants Blockparty mode! It’s pretty sweet. 

You really don't have to work very hard for this giveaway, just follow the simple, straightforward rules below, and throw your name in the hat.

Giveaway Rules:
- Become a NoobFeed member here
- Comment below letting us know what language you'd like to learn and why, along with your NoobFeed username
- Wait 15 days
- Cross your fingers

The giveaway runs for fifteen days, ending on September 15. Twenty entrants will be randomly chosen and contacted via the email address used to sign up for NoobFeed. Increase your chances by liking Influent on Facebook and following on Twitter. And hey, while you're at it check out NoobFeed in all our social media glory below, and check out our review of Influent here.

Best of luck!

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Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Three Flip Studios
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Genres: Simulation
Themes: Edutainment, Language Learning
Release Date: 2014-03-20

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