Goodgame Studios Passes 1000 Employees, Biggest Developer In Germany

Four digits long says Goodgame Studios has the biggest one in Germany.

By Daavpuke, Posted 01 Oct 2014

Developer Goodgame Studios has announced a sizable milestone in its company. It’s now officially employing a thousand people, spread across its various locations.

Goodgame Studios is a German house, originating from Hamburg. Since its inception, which dates back to just 2009, the company was able to expand into subsidiaries in Tokyo and Seoul. In 2013, the company noted 600 employees, so the new figure is quite astounding to reach so soon. Moreover, the studio still has open position for candidates that want to join.

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For those who haven’t heard of Goodgame Studios yet, it may be unsurprising that the developer focuses on free-to-play and mobile releases. Its currently most popular titles are Goodgame Empire with over 64 million players, followed by Goodgame Big Farm hosting upward of 31 million players and Goodgame Gangster holding nearly 24 million players.

With the recent milestone, the company now also claims that it’s the largest developer in Germany, which could be correct. At the start of the year, German house InnoGames announced that it would employ 400 people in its own success story. They recently expanded to their second office in one year, also by offering a series of free-to-play titles. It sounds like Germany is where it’s at if you want to develop games.

Currently, Goodgame Studios is working on building out its latest release, Shadow Kings – Dark Ages. It’s at about half a million players since launch.


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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