New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Exposed?

Will the new Nintendo 3DS release in America on February 13?

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Jan 2015

The new Nintendo 3DS could be launching in North American on February 13. According to a leaked image the new 3DS, that includes a faster processor and second joystick, gamers won’t have to wait long for the new 3DS models.

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The timing for this leak image does hold merit. Nintendo already has a Nintendo Direct announcement lined up for January 14 for upcoming 3DS and Wii U release for Spring 2015. If the company does decide to unveil the release date for their new handheld console that will be the optimal time to do so.

The new Nintendo 3DS was first shown back in 2014 on a Nintendo Direct Stream for Japan. This version features a C-Stick on the upper-right hand side of the console, above the XYAB buttons, and 2 extra shoulder buttons. Also included are NFC-tech that allows the device to communicate with Amiibo figurines  with the new need of an external accessory and a longer battery life. 

The updated Nintendo 3DS released in Japan on October 11 2014.

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