Ralin: Dwarf Wars Fights its Way onto Kickstarter

Ralin: Dwarf Wars has been approved by Steam Greenlight but is still mining for funding.

By Artemis, Posted 22 Mar 2015

Ogardonix Studios recently started their Kickstarter Campaign to raise $66,419 for Ralin: Dwarf Wars, a roguelike hack ‘n slash RPG with dwarves.

The Kickstarter Campaign boasts high quality with a lot of charming details that will make the game unique. The player will be a dwarf, exploring dwarven halls and fighting various monsters that live there. Since you are a dwarf in a fantasy setting, you are also down there to protect the treasures of your people that you yourself have mined. You fight off thieves with your various weapons and you get to choose between a variety of bearded fellows to be your player character. You can make your dwarf the roughest dwarf in town or you can make him a slightly softer looking dwarf. Either way you’ll be traversing the underground world of your ancestors to defend it against goblins. There will be crafting, multiplayer servers – which include local and online co-op – along with the procedurally generated maps that come with roguelike gameplay.

Ralin: Dwarf Wars,Kickstarter

The story itself is driven by the community, which means there will be a lot of emphasis on community interactions. The developers encourage the community to help them make an interactive world that’s fit just for them. They will be the ultimate influence on the story. However, this is the story thus far:

“King Duur is the current king of the dwarves and was a peaceful ruler at the beginning, but he has since become a more sinister and brutal sovereign when the surfaces came into his realm and started to rebel. Once a fierce but wise warrior and ruler, he has become old, bitter and vengeful and he has no love for the outsiders, damning them to live in closed off villages with limited contact to the dwarves.

When pressured, King Duur chooses to rule through strength instead of thought and compassion. While the leaders of the dwarven clans do appreciate the way he rules, to a certain degree, they often find his choices to be overly rash. Outsiders fear King Duur and will comply with every order given, without thought.”

At the moment the game is at $10,914 and the Early Bird special of $7 is still available, giving you the game itself as well as alpha, beta and Early Access. The top donation of $ 4,486 gives the donator all the previous rewards, along with their own designed level with NPC, A boss and a special poster with your name on it.

Ralin: Dwarf Wars has already been approved by Steam Greenlight and will be available for PC, Mac and the Wii U. According to the Kickstarter the game will be available in October 2016, but will be on early access a month after the Kickstarter is over. We will update you as this story develops.

Angelina Bonilla, NoobFeed (@Twitter)

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