SkyUI is Going Under a Paywall

The newest version of SkyUI will ask players to pay for it.

By Artemis, Posted 25 Apr 2015

In the world of Skyrim mods there is one mod that tends to be whispered on the winds like some sort of savior, a savior for those who are horrifically unorganized and wish that the user interface for Skyrim was a little bit more immersive or user friendly.

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim User Interface

That mod is SkyUI; a first choice mod for many of those who mod their PC version of Skyrim, and the newest version will be only available for purchase soon. A member of Sky UI team had this to say once the news was released:

“Hey Everyone

I've been out hiking the last couple of days so I didn't really follow what's been going on, but from skimming over the topic I take it the news is out! And if you wondered if they had forgotten about us – they had not! There is an update in the works for SkyUI that will be up for sale (hopefully) soon-ish! I don't want to go into details yet, but I thought I'd let you know to get you hyped up a little. Anyway, gotta run now!”

The Nexus community didn't take this well and the comments thread was filled with debate. Things became so heated, a Nexus moderator had to put their foot down and lock all comments in order to avoid any more conflict.

The earlier version of the mod is still available, and PC players still have the option of downloading it for free off of Nexus Mods. They just won't be able to update it to the newest version without purchasing this mod. SkyUI is the first of likely many essential mods that have put themselves behind a paywall, and only time will tell which mods will follow the same path.

Angelina Bonilla, NoobFeed (@Twitter)

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