Monster Hunter Generations spices things up with new mechanics

Styles and Hunter Arts coming to Monster Hunter Generations upon summer release.

By Woozie, Posted 16 Apr 2016

Owners of Nintendo 3DS have all the reasons to rejoice as, this summer, Monster Hunter Generations will release in the EU and US. The new installment in Capcom's acclaimed series will have players defending all four villages in the world against a new threat called the Fated Four while using a handful of new mechanics.

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Four new Styles will be available upon launch. The Aerial Style gives players a new jumping ability that will make mounting and knocking enemies down easier. The Guild Style is very much the classic one which will feel familiar to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate players. The Adept Style is more reactive, depending on learning enemy behaviours and making use of dodging and counter-attacking. Lastly, the Striker Style revolves around building up and unleasing Hunter Arts upon monsters.

The addition of Styles and Hunter Arts aims to enhance playstyle customization. The game will boast hundreds of quests in single player alongside tens of them in local or online multiplayer which will support up to 4 players. Monster Hunter Generations will be present at PAX East in Boston, between the 22nd and 24th of April.

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