Early Player of No Man's Sky States that the Game Suffers from Frequent Crashes and Bugs

Early players explain that they need to save often due to constant crashes in No Man's Sky

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Aug 2016

With No Man's Sky release date drawing ever closer one player who happened to obtain an early copy is explaining that the game does suffer from a serious of technical issues.

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According to Reddit user daymeeuhn after playing for about 20-30 hours and reaching the center of the universe he experienced numerous issues such as the game crashing '20' times during his playthough.

Other issues include bugs such as Beam Upgrades for your multi-tool speeding up overheating process instead of decreasing it and sea creatures spawning in shallow water vertically stuck frequently (80% of the time). There are a few personal issues such as a bigger inventory on the personal suit instead of the ship and lack of ship modules. 

It's not all problematic, so far daymeeuhn hasn't found a planet that looks the same as the previous one visited, environmental sounds are described as 'the best I've ever experienced', and navigation runs smoothly.

No Man's Sky is set to release for PS4 on August 9th.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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