Star Wars Battlefront II Crates Will No Longer Contain Epic Star Cards And Most Weapons

EA talks further on the Star Wars Battlefront II progression system changes following the beta.

By Woozie, Posted 31 Oct 2017

After riling up fans with its loot crate-based progression system, it looks like some of the player feedback has reached the relevant ears. In a blog post, EA have given further insight into how Star Wars Battlefront II's progression will work. Firstly, Epic Star Cards, the highest tier available at launch, will no longer be found in crates. Instead, they will be available through crafting, with the exception of special Epic Star Cards which are pre-order bonuses.

A certain rank will need to be reached in order to craft upgraded Star Cards. Ranking up is done through playing the game which, as they put it, should make it impossible for someone to purchase some crates, grind the items into crafting materials and get a temporarily invincible Boba Fett straight away.

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Most weapons will only be available through playing the appropriate class although "a select few" will still be found in crates. Playing a class will also have players reaching milestones that will reward class-specific crates which come with Star Cards and crafting materials for that class.

While the exclusion of Epic Star Cards from crates is definitely good news, it remains to be seen how the full system will behave. Cards of other rarities are still to be found in loot crates, although, at the end of the day, nobody expected a full removal of the system. The rate at which crafting resources can be obtained will have a great deal to say in this respect, as well. Have a look at the full blog post.

For impressions from the beta, have a look at our Star Wars Battlefront II Preview.

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