Dead Cells Brutal Update Adds 25% More Content

Dead Cells gets new biomes and an updated tier system in its Brutal Update.

By Woozie, Posted 13 Nov 2017

Dead Cells has been sailing the Early Access seas since May and has gathered quite the positive feedback so far, alongside selling more than 500000 copies. Tomorrow, the game will receive a new serving of content in the form of the Brutal Update. The update will replace the old tier system (Strength/Skills/Health) with a new one which revolves around Brutality, Tactic and Survival. Some items are now dual colors, meaning they can rely on two stats, using the highest value. Two new biomes, the Clock Tower and Slumbering Sanctuary, will be introduced. Both contain new enemies and loot. 

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The Brutal Update will make the Watcher a mid-game boss while the Assassin will take its place as final encounter. Ten new items, alongside four new enemy types are also coming to Dead Cells. Enemy arrows can now be reflected using any shield, the damage dealt depending on the player's Survival tier. There's a pretty large number of changes coming tomorrow, November 14th, some of which are community suggestions. You can see them all in the full patch notes. Dead Cells is a RogueVania action-platformer, currently available on Steam Early Access for the price of $16.99 or your regional equivalent.

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