Bayonetta 3 Confirmed

New Bayonetta coming to the Nintendo Switch

By Grayshadow, Posted 08 Dec 2017

Without Nintendo, we wouldn't have gotten Bayonetta 2 and it seems that the company is giving us another game in the acclaimed action game. Bayonetta 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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The trailer shows a brand new enemy and Bayonetta using her standard firearms in high-speed combat. For now, that's all we're getting. Considering that many gamers complained about the first game being a Wii U exclusive this time around it probably won't be an issue given the Nintendo Switch's immense popularity.

Bayonetta 3 will launch for the Nintendo Switch exclusively.

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Bayonetta 3


Platform(s): Switch
Publisher(s): Nintendo, Nintendo of America Inc.
Developer(s): PlatinumGames Inc.
Genres: Action, Adventure
Themes: Hack And Slash, Fighting
Release Date: 2022-10-28

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