The Council Is An Upcoming Episodic, Narrative-driven Adventure Game Fiiled With Intrigue And Manipulation

The Council's first episode will be out in February 2018.

By Woozie, Posted 21 Dec 2017

Developed by French studio Big Bad Wolf and published by Focus Home Interactive, The Council puts players in the shoes of secret society member Louis de Richet, while taking them back to 1793. Louis is invited to a strange reception on a private island, alongside figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington, only to find his mother is missing. The Council is built in the style of classic murder mysteries, so hidden agendas won't be too uncommon for other guests to have.

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The Council will boast a unique Social Influence system. "During confrontations, skills and limited resources can be used to gain the upper hand and achieve the desired outcome. Players will be rewarded for their knowledge of each character’s psychological vulnerabilities and immunities, as well as their preparations made during prior exploration and investigation. Failing an encounter does not mean "game over," and no action can be taken back." A total of 15 skills will be available, as solutions will be found through diplomacy, engaging in occultism, historical and scientific knowledge or good old detective work. The Council's story will unfold over the course of five episodes. The first episode, "The Mad Ones" will come out in February 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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