Dead Cells Coming to Consoles This Year

Rogue-Lite action platformer releasing later this year

By Grayshadow, Posted 26 Jan 2018

Dead Cells is coming to consoles this year for Metroidvania fans to enjoy.

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At first glance, Dead Cells looks like a traditional Metroidvania game where you travel a labyrinth environment connected by a series of tunnels but it takes a unique direction. The player has access to their entire equipment slots, double jump, blistering stomp, and a dodge that makes you invincible. The challenge isn't about gaining new items to make yourself more powerful but mastering the skills you already have.

This means control is the primary focus of the gameplay. Understanding enemy weaknesses and learning from your mistakes. In an official post on PlayStation Blog lead developer of Motion Twin, Seb, stated:

This is why we’ve put so much time and energy into making sure the controls are responsive as hell. They should feel like something you’ve played before, like old friends. If you’re not a fan, we’ve also made everything customizable, so the controller should always feel like an extension of your arm rather than another painful obstacle.

You'll have access to different weapons and alternate paths, allowing you to skip portions of a level is you're not equipped or have trouble passing. 

Dead Cells is set to release on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2018. It's now available on PC through early access.

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