Kirby Star Allies Gets 2 New Gameplay Trailers

See how Friend abilities work in Kirby Star Allies

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Mar 2018

Kirby Star Allies launches next week and Nintendo has a demo available for those yearning to try the new gameplay features. In addition, the studio has released 2 gameplay trailers to showcase the Friend abilities.

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The Friend abilities are the biggest additions to Kirby Star Allies. Kirby can make new allies by throwing Friend Heart at them. Once Kirby has multiple friends they work together to get through the stage.

Trailer 1 focuses on Splash Cutter, a water sword, and the Friend Circle, where Kirby and his friends form a circle to become a rolling machine. Trailer 2 shows Ice Curling, where Kirby turns into a curling stone that creates an ice trail, and the Friend Bridge, where Kirby's allies can make a ladder to cross gaps.

Kirby Star Allies launches March 16th for Nintendo Switch.

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