Minecraft Aquatic Bedrock Beta Now Available on Xbox One, Android, and Windows 10

Try the latest update for Minecraft

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Mar 2018

Mojang wants to test the latest update for Minecraft by offering Windows 10, Android, and Xbox One users the chance to participate in the beta.

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The beta includes experimental gameplay so expect some unstable gameplay. The option is available under game settings and the tab labeled "Use Experimental Gameplay.


A handful of features from Update Aquatic have been added to the beta via Experimental Gameplay. These features are incomplete and are not representative of final gameplay but feedback is absolutely welcome!

Added Drowned mobs

Added the Trident and new enchantments (Channeling, Loyalty, Riptide and Impaling)

Added Stripped Wood

Added Slabs and Stairs for Prismarine, Prismarine Brick, and Dark Prismarine


Iron Golems no longer spawn when Mob Spawning is disabled

Rain, smoke particles, and shadows are no longer visible through lava

Disabling "Visible to LAN Players" for one world no longer disables it for all worlds

Buttons cloned in a "pressed" state no longer remain pressed forever

A warning now appears instructing not to close the game when exporting a world

The power output of Redstone Comparators is no longer lost after a world is converted from Xbox One Edition

Pick Block no longer replaces the item currently selected in the hotbar if other slots are empty


Increased stability and fixed several crashes

Abandoned mineshafts no longer generate above ground

Fixed improper Mushroom Block obtained from giant red mushrooms when using Pick Block

Tools now work properly and no longer shake in-hand

Sticky Pistons no longer turn into regular Pistons after being renamed

Tripwire Hooks once again appear in Jungle Temples

Players can once again stand on top of ladders

Mob heads can no longer be duplicated by placing them in water

Strongholds once again generate with Mossy Stone Brick and Cracked Stone Brick

The maximum render distance on Xbox One X is once again 22 chunks

More than one line of text can once again be placed on signs

The B button no longer has to be pressed twice on the controller to deselect a skin in the Skin Picker

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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