God of War Director Explains Why Certain Realms Are Inaccessible

No DLC plans for God of War

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 May 2018


If you played God of War you probably noticed that there are certain areas you cannot access in the game but are label as options. It would seem these choices were intended by the development team for God of War but for future games and not DLC.

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Cory Barlog, director of God of War, spoke to Kotaku about the future of the franchise and more. Many of which I predicted in what could happen in the series future.

Barlog explained that Freya is angry and wants revenge, that Odin's war with the giants still remains open, Ragnarok is happening, Thor will fight Kratos for killing his sons, and that future of the series may have players visiting Egyptian and Celtic gods.

The most significant thing Barlog touched on is why places like Asgard are available but cannot be accessed:

I mean, honestly, we had played around with tons of different language to figure out, "How do we get people to understand? It's not gonna be there!" Because taking it away didn't work. And then different wording was very difficult. And a lot of people kept [saying] "Aw, I'm getting the DLC vibes. You're gonna make me pay extra for this." The difficulty is, the game is so big, even if we wanted to, we would have never been able to realise those realms the way we wanted to. They would have just always been like, quick [trips] there, so I figured you know what, if we're gonna take some lumps we're gonna take some lumps on the idea that Odin, this sort of omnipresent force, has locked it out and you're never gonna get in there. That one seemed to be the most effective for people to at least go, "Oh, ok, I get it ... [joking] I'm still thinking you're gonna make me pay for DLC."

So it would seem that Asgard was never meant to be accessed but placed as part of the game's lore and the future of the series. Asgard will come after Kratos and given that the gate is meant to travel between realms it makes sense that Asgard would be a choice on the map.

God of War is now available for PS4.

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