Bethesda Opens With Rage 2, Collector's Edition Comes with Talking Head

Rage 2 is full of load carnage filled moments

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Jun 2018

Marketing VP Pete Hines took the stage to introduce Bethesda's successful 2017 releases such as The Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein 2 and releasing 2 games on the Nintendo Switch. Pete Hines then took a jab at Walmart's leak before introduction Andrew W.K. and Rage 2.

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Players take control of Walker as the last ranger of the wasteland to find a rare artifact that will aid him in eliminating The Authority. Walker is fully voice, no mute protagonist drives a heavily armed vehicle and can fight other enemies on the road Mad Max style.

Walker has enough tools to take down the enemy forces with a gravity grenade, a standard array of assault rifles, shotguns, and enough enemies to feed your kill count.

Ecopods with Nanotrites serve as your primary goal, each providing new upgrades against the advance enemies the Authority have at their disposal.

During the video Bethesda snuck in the collector's edition for Rage 2 that includes a talking head Ruckus the Crusher, game, steel book, monster truck, poster, deluxe edition, BFG, weapon and armor, extra mission Cult of the Death God, and Wasteland Wizard Cheat Code.

Rage 2  is set for a spring 2019 release for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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