Fortnite Celebrates Its First Birthday With An Event And New Patch

Fortnite's 5.1 patch is now live.

By Woozie, Posted 24 Jul 2018

Fortnite is celebrating its first year of existence these days and what a year it's been. What started off as a somewhat cluttered survival title centered around building forts eventually became the biggest game on the planet with the inclusion of its free-to-play Battle Royale Mode.

The freshly released 5.1 patch introduces Fortnite's birthday event which runs until August 7th. As part of it, players can unlock Birthday Brigade Ramirez in Save The World and gain three new items as long as they complete the event-specific Battle Royale challenges. Cake slices spread through levels grant event tickets in Save The World and small, instant rejuvenation in Battle Royale, while limited time Birthday Llamas await due smacking.

Patch 5.1 doesn't stop at Fortnite's birthday event, though. Playground Mode is making a comeback with a number of changes including the ability to switch teams and a significantly lower respawn time. A new close quarters solution that uses light ammo has been introduced to Battle Royale in the shape of the Compact SMG. The 50v50 mode has also received some love in the form of improved server performance.

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On the Save The World side of things new Canny Valley quests are available and players can now advance from one Storm Defense Shield to the next without having to do every quest in between. Dupe prevention has been added to schematics and heroes of Epic quality or higher, making sure you receive ones that aren't already in your inventory or Collection Book. The Zapper Husk and its "single, moderately powerful beam" is the newest addition to the roster of baddies looking to tear down heroes and forts alike.

Check out the full list of changes and come take a walk down memory lane with the Fortnite preview I wrote almost a year ago when my fort building skills were just as bad as they are today.

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