The Waylanders Is A Time Travelling RPG That Takes Inspiration From The Classics

The Waylanders will launch in 2020.

By Woozie, Posted 22 Aug 2018

Spanish independent studio Gato Salvaje has unveiled The Waylanders, a fantasy RPG that takes inspiration from genre classics such as Dragon Age: Origins and Neverwinter Nights 2, while adding a pinch of time travelling à la Ocarina Of Time. Set during Celtic and Medieval eras, The Waylanders will be playable from an isometric, top down or third person perspective while featuring real-time with pause combat. While that may very well be a staple of the genre, the title will shake things up by introducing formations "whereby characters will combine into offensive formations allowing for deep combat tactics and enabling players to play the game their own way.".

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When creating their characters, players will be able to choose from a pool of 36 classes, 6 of which are basic archetypes with 30 "advanced ones" making sure that "every play style imaginable can be accommodated.". Mike Laidlaw, formerly of Bioware, is also part of the project, acting as a "high level Narrative and Creative consultant". The Waylanders will arrive on PC sometime during Q1 2020.

Bogdan Robert, NoobFeed

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